Wipe N Brush

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Babies will drool over the soft feel of the 100% silicone Wipe-N-Brush on their gentle and tender gums. Wipe-N-Brush is the third “buddy,” or Stage Three, in our Baby Buddy Oral Care Program, and is intended for use with dental wipes, like our Tooth Tissues®, or gauze. As a parent or caregiver continues the journey on the road to good oral hygiene, teeth are now arriving into your baby’s mouth (eruption). During the teething process babies enjoy when their gentle gums are soothed; moreover, along with budding teeth, the gums should be cleaned regularly. Baby Buddy’s Wipe-N-Brush, which includes a single Tooth Tissues® all natural dental wipe, offers a perfect solution for babies and parents/caregivers alike. With the tooth tissue gently wrapped around the parent or caregiver’s finger, the Wipe-N-Brush fits snuggly over the wipe and on your finger so that your baby can have their gums massaged and soothed while getting the necessary cleaning. The Wipe N Brush also takes the “bite” out of teething, protecting adult fingers from baby’s new teeth! Wipe-N-Brush is intended for children age 4-16 months. New budding, “biting” teeth arrive around 4 months and back molars usually come in at 16 month. When back molars are in, parents should transition to brushing teeth with a toothbrush. Enjoy an improved teething and cleaning experience for you and your precious child as you Wipe-N-Brush.