Sands Alive! 3-D Sea Life Adventure

Sands Alive! 3-D Sea Life Adventure

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Introducing the most amazing and unique learning and play material to enter the market in years: Sands Alive!


Consisting of sand and other natural ingredients, the only way to describe the feeling of this material is sublime! The sensation is somewhat similar to cookie dough, yet it is totally dry to the touch.


Sea includes 1.5 pounds of Sands Alive!, 4 sealife molds, seashell and smooth rollers with interchangeable handle, play tray with 3-D glasses and 3-D art background.

Great and educational creativity toy

100% non-toxic materials

Easy to clean up

Water soluble

Never dries out

1.5lbs Sands Alive!

4 x Sealife Molds

2 x Rollers

1 x Handle

1 x Play Tray

1 x 3D Glasses

1 x 3D Art Background