Princess Potty Time

Princess Potty Time

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Even a little princess needs to be potty trained! The simple flaps, tabs and wheels in this unique, interactive book will help girls ages 2-4 learn everything there is to know about using the potty—with royal style!

Is your little darling a princess? If you answered yes, then she will love this Princess Potty Time Book!

The book is pink and purple and so beautiful and fun. It will really catch both yours and your child's eye and the illustrations alone will get her excited, as they are bright and fun.It is a board book i.e. it has thicker cardboard pages. It is the perfect potty training book for any little princess. 

This book is designed for girls ages 1 to 4. It is an interactive book with flaps and tabs and wheels to teach your little princess about using the potty in royal style! Who knew you could make potty training so much fun.

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