Primo Passi - Comb And Brush Set (Pink)

Primo Passi - Comb And Brush Set (Pink)

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The softest way to style your baby's hair. Help grow the bond between you and your little one with the Brush & Comb Set from Primo Passi.

Our Comb and Brush set allow parents to style their baby's hair. Additionally, the easy-grip handles are great for little hands that want to try it on their own. The set features a brush with super soft bristles and a rounded comb that are gentle on your baby's sensitive scalp. Also, the comb has two different sets of teeth for detangling thick, wet or dry hair. By using our brush and comb set, parents can massage their baby, stimulate blood circulation, and increase the baby's sense of security.

Product features:

* 2 piece set

* Easy-grip handles

* Soft bristles

* Rounded edges

* Plastic and silicone materials