Potty Safe Potty Trainer - Grey

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CHILD PROOF LATCH -- Eliminate spills with our patented child proof latch. Toddlers love to be big helpers and try to dump the potty themselves. Potty Safe is the first and only potty training chair to feature a child proof latch that secures the waste bowl to the base, so that kids can't remove it and make a mess. Parents are still able to remove the waste bowl for easy cleaning.

NON-SLIP FEET -- Keep your little one safe and secure while potty training. Our base features non-slip feet that prevents it from sliding across the floor.

BUILT IN SPLASH GUARD -- The built-in splash guard on a Potty Safe potty training chair is just right for boys and girls.

EASY TO CLEAN -- Potty Safe has a simple design that is easy to clean. You do not need to worry about hard to reach nooks and crevices that collect bacteria. Taking a potty chair on the go with you is a must! Potty Safe is the perfect size of a potty training chair to take in a vehicle with you as well.

MADE IN USA -- Potty Safe is a potty chair that was designed and invented by parents...for parents! We know just how stressful potty training can be, and we are here to eleviate that stress for you by eliminating spills!

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