MiYim Yogatale - Elephant / Blue

MiYim Yogatale - Elephant / Blue

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Featured in parenting magazines across Europe and North America.These unique organic cotton plush toys are simply delightful.

Yogatales – pull ‘em, tie ’em, twist their arms, cross their legs – let your child’s imagination run wild! The ultimate open-ended play experience. These gorgeous toys are made from organic cotton outer and stuffing. Going organic helps to keep chemicals out of the air, water, soil, and most importantly our bodies.

miYim Storybook Yogatales Feature:

  • Long arms and Legs for endless fun
  • The perfect size to fit  in your child’s arms
  • Their playful charm will stimulate your children’s imagination
  • miYim’s organic cotton toys made with safety and sustainability in mind
  • Coloured by nature with a low impact dye process
  • 100% certified Non-Toxic
  • Item dimension: 4.7 in x 4 in x 13.3 in

miYim toys help to make your home a safe and chemical free environment for you and your child. It’s all about the Ingredients!

Outer surface fabric: organic cotton
Inner fabric webbing: polyester
Inner surface fabric: silk
Stuffing: certified recycled polyester

 miYim’s PureWaterWash™ process is the secret to creating our charming colours. Untreated cotton thread is woven into flowing fabric brightened with nature’s own plants and minerals. The fabric is then hand dyed in soy-water to set the colour.

As a result, each miYim™ toy has its own unique appearance and colour variance.