Kick Protect Guard

Kick Protect Guard

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Summer Infant Kick Protect provides full protection for your vehicle's upholstery from mud, dirt and scratches caused by your child's shoes. Kick Protect is built with convenient storage pockets where you can store your toys, and other baby essentials. 


Fits most vehicle seats

Made of durable materials

Adjustable strap for secure fit around head reset

Helps protect seat back from dirty feet marks

Includes convenient storage pocket

Durable, easy to clean material

Package contents: 1-piece Kick Protect

Uses: Protects the back of your car seats from scratches, damages, dirt

Care instructions: Wipe clean with soap and water

Accessories: Built with convenient storage pockets and adjustable straps

Dimensions: 8 inches high x 6.7 inches wide x 2.2 inches deep

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