Hape Fast Flip Racetrack

Hape Fast Flip Racetrack

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Flip into action and race down the track! This speedy fast-flip racetrack is perfect for inquisitive kids. Bright colors and natural wood design blend in this compact racetrack.

Watch your race cars flip over one another as they come racing down! Make Fast Flip Racetrack a part of your playroom race course. Which of the race cars do you think is the fastest? Race them all and record the results!

Just like a marble run, the Fast Flip Racetrack is a wonderful visual tracking toy, and can help children with spacial awareness, while learning to maneuver the cars on the track requires dexterity, planning and fine-motor skills. Kids can play on their own or race friends, family, and playmates.

The Fast Flip Racetrack is made from natural wood, designed with water-based safe paints, built to last and environmentally friendly. It develops visual tracking, spacial recognition and fine motor skills, while speeding up important social and emotional skills such as sharing, playing with others, and taking turns.

SENSES/SKILLS: • Visual Tracking • Spatial Recognition • Develops Fine Motor Skills • Stimulates Imagination • Can be used for play therapy to develop Social and Emotional Skills such as Sharing, Cooperation, and Taking Turns.

FEATURES: • Made from wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests. • Durable child-safe paint finish and solid wood construction. • All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. • Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials. • Recommended for ages 18 months and up.

Ages 18mo+

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