Hair Brushes



As new parents we struggled with trying to control our baby’s beautiful, crazy hair. All the baby brushes we tried simply didn’t work. Then we found the "new people" baby brush. Unlike everything else we’ve tried on our daughter’s hair, this brush really worked. So then we decided to test it out on other babies. We tried it on all sorts of hair types and it worked like magic. Hair that seemed to have a life of its own was now smooth and shiny. We discovered it was first used by medical professionals in hospital neonatal units, but never before used by the general public. This brush is non-toxic, free of sharp edges, extremely soft and dishwasher safe (top rack). It’s made of Polypropylene an inert plastic. That means its landfill safe and recyclable. And to top it off to put the fun in functionality we decided to produce it in four great colors you and your baby will love.