Glass Baby Bottle - 4oz

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Made of durable, premium quality, borosilicate glass. While this type of glass is very durable, Lollaland Baby Bottles are still glass, and can therefore, break.

Thermal-shock-resistant, so bottle can safely go from freezer to boiling water.

Assembled with Stage 1, slow-flow nipple that features an anti-colic channel vent* that is designed to equalize the pressure inside the bottle during feeding. This proven ventilation system will minimize the amount of unwanted air your baby swallows, allowing for a more comfortable and controlled feed.

Whimsical, boldly-colored graphics that are stimulating and fun for both parent and child to look at while feeding.

All materials are FDA-approved, BPA-free, BPS-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

Made in Germany

Dishwasher-safe (place cap parts and nipple on top rack)

Compatible with most major breast pumps

Ring, cap, and stopper are made of polypropylene. Nipple is made of silicone.

*When screwing the nipple + cap onto the glass bottle, do not over tighten, as this will prevent the channel vent from functioning properly.

product dimensions (in packaging): 3.25" x 3.6" x 6.5" (4 oz bottle) | 3.25" x 3.6" x 9" (8 oz bottle)

product dimensions: 2.25" diameter x 6.25" tall (4 oz bottle) | 2.25" diameter x 9" tall (8 oz bottle)

weight: 5 oz (4 oz bottle) | 8 oz (8 oz bottle)

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