Cali's Books Chinese Nursery Rhymes


This cheerful Sound Book entertains with favorite Chinese tunes. Singing in several languages is enriching for children and adults alike. It captures the mind and attention of a child as young as a few months old. Babies develop fine motor skills and learn to love books.

Featured Songs:

  • 拔萝卜 bá luóbo - Pull up Carrots
  • 三轮车 sanlúnche - Tricycle
  • 小蜜蜂 xiǎo mìfeng - Little Bees
  • 两只老虎 liǎng zhi lǎohǔ - Two Little Tigers
  • 丑小鸭 chǒuxiǎoya - The Ugly Duckling
  • 蝴蝶 húdié - Butterfly

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