Cali's Books Chinese Nursery Rhymes

Cali's Books Chinese Nursery Rhymes

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This cheerful Sound Book entertains with favorite Chinese tunes. Singing in several languages is enriching for children and adults alike. It captures the mind and attention of a child as young as a few months old. Babies develop fine motor skills and learn to love books.

Featured Songs:

  • 拔萝卜 bá luóbo - Pull up Carrots
  • 三轮车 sanlúnche - Tricycle
  • 小蜜蜂 xiǎo mìfeng - Little Bees
  • 两只老虎 liǎng zhi lǎohǔ - Two Little Tigers
  • 丑小鸭 chǒuxiǎoya - The Ugly Duckling
  • 蝴蝶 húdié - Butterfly