Woombie Swaddler 5-13lbs

Woombie Swaddler 5-13lbs

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The Woombie is a safe & natural  way to swaddle your baby, allowing and encouraging baby to softly stretch their extremities as needed- just like in the womb. Our signature bebeflex™ fabric comforts, softly confines arms,  hugs the tummy (great for colic) and gently cocoons baby's unique curves... preventing Startling issues, face scratching, overheating and also preventing dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby's face.


Hats are not included.


The Woombie is a proud winner of the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved), Moms Best and Creative Child Awards. We have been seen on television, in numerous popular baby magazines and are endorsed by Doctors, Doulas, Postpartum Baby Instructors, Nurses and countless moms and dads worldwide. In a nutshell, The Woombie is a great easy swaddle forbabies with the Startle Reflex & who are in need of a cozy yet gentle confinement. 



Soft  bebeflex™ ECO cotton fabric gently hugs baby ECO cotton fabric gently hugs baby

Baby feels secure, not confined, easing transition from WOMB to World!


Follows Pediatrician & S.I.D.S. guidelines

Maintains airflow and will not overheat baby

No loose blankets covering airways

Prevents face scratching


Prevents unnecessary waking due to the Startle Reflex

Soothes babies with colic

Will not come undone

Promotes natural motor development

Easy to use, just zip it up


Swaddles baby, preventing startle reflex & overheating

Promotes & enhances motor development by allowing baby to stretch

Prevents face scratching & keeps "busy" hands away from face & pacifier & overheating

No loose blankets to ride up and cause potential suffocation

Easy to use ( IN/OUT ) & encourages back sleeping

No more worry of blankets unraveling which can lead to potential blanket suffocation

No face scratching or Startle Reflex to awaken baby.

See a marked improvement in Colic symptoms.

Effective swaddling without the need to tightly restrain baby, which can interfere with important Motor Skill developmentand even cause developmental hip dysplasia.

Prevents overheating (which has been linked to SIDS) due to over-wrapping.

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