Pyur Mama Gift Set


Pyur mama Gift Set is the perfect way to to help relax a mom’s busy head and tired body. Our mama gift set features: 5 Oz Pyur relaxing bath salts, combined with relaxing lavender and chamomile flowers, rose petals, and calming essential oils for a soak that will settle down the most active mom. It also features a 4 Oz Grapefruit & Vanilla Soy Candle to create a peaceful bath ambience and a 4 Oz Pyur mama Belly Butter to moisturize and nurture the skin. Our gift set comes in an Eco-friendly reusable muslin bag. 


If all these sounds yummy… think that you don’t need to be a mom or dad to enjoy this luxurious set. Choose Pyur mama Gift Set for the perfect gift or for yourself and enjoy a peaceful moment!

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