Aden + Anais White Label

Last week’s post was a long one, I know. We gave you details on four products and I truly do hope it helped a sufficient amount of you lovely soon-to-be parents on the hunt for fantastic feeding products. Wanting to give your brains a rest we will revisit feeding again next week with a part two. We’ll include products for bottle cleaning, chewable bibs, and even plate mats that suction to its surface! Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Sticking with this week’s topic I want to talk a little about Aden and Anais.

First I want to ask, what is Muslin? You see this question seems out of context when left alone, but the reason I ask this is due to all of Aden and Anais products being made from this material. It’s one of the main features that sets them above their competitors. Muslin is a finely woven fabric that allows for great breathability and air flow. The material is woven with spaces between the stitching that makes the worry of overheating a thing of the past. Want to know one of the best qualities of Muslin fabric? It’s that the more you wash, the softer it becomes. 

Next question, what does versatility mean to you? For Aden and Anais, it means the ability to use any of their products for more than one task. Their swaddles are good for more than just wrapping your precious baby in a burrito-like arrangement. It can be used as a stroller cover, burping cloths, blankets on cold nights or chilly days. They make actual burp cloths that function as a bib as well, complete with a clasp that snaps securely around the child’s neckline.

With all that setup, I now want to introduce you to their newest collection; The Aden + Anais White Label.

White Label is a boutique exclusive collection that is fashioned with watercolor-inspired prints. Big chains have a way of shadowing the smaller brick and mortar stores. So a way to shine light on the boutiques, Aden + Anais created White Label; the first in their collections to be sold solely at boutiques. This gives White Label a sense of uniqueness and the parents the knowledge of knowing that the product they purchase isn’t walking around with every parent that roams the streets. Being carried in fewer stores allows for White Label to stand out in a crowd that is filled with all the same products. It’s the color among a river of black and white.

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