Hnybaby Premium Knit Swaddle - Hollywood



Our premium knit swaddles are the most comfortable blanket for newborns and become a toddlers favorite security blanket. These trendy and modern knit swaddles contain the perfect amount of stretch, giving newborns a secure wrap while providing them with just the right amount of wiggle room. The generous size (48 x 48 inches) allows these blankets to be used from newborn to toddler and beyond, and the unique design will not only make a statement but will never grow tired with time. These one of a kind knit swaddles are made of the perfect blend in fabrics, giving them the ultimate in softness and stretch, while also being the perfect breathable, durable and lightweight blanket you want for your little ones.Our Hollywood blankets were inspired by the amazing American iconic landmarks; The Hollywood Walk of Fame, the glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel, the famous Hollywood Hills and star Marilyn Monroe to cultural elements found at the Chinese Theater. We also couldn’t forget about the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean and the tropical palm trees that California is home to. Each element defines what Hollywood is known for; whether it be fame, fortune or film – it all resonates with us.

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