EM's 4 Kids Toddler Earmuffs - Pink


Weighing only 6.5ozs, these earmuffs are light but sturdy. They can be folded up to fit in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry with you, or store away.

They can be used in a wide variety of settings – from concerts and car races to sporting events and shopping centres. Use them to protect your child’s hearing or to help settle them when disturbed by a noisy environment.

Weight: 6.5oz

SNR: 26dB

Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz: 25.7dB

Mean Attentuation @ 1000Hz: 35.2dB

Dimensions: 4in H 6in W (folded); 6.5in H 5in W (Opened)

Features: Light but Sturdy

Benefits: Easy to carry, but strong enough to withstand damage and wear from frequent use.

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