Oxygen Monitor

$100.00 $150.00

The Baby Vida oxygen monitor is a revolutionary new tool that was developed by a mother out of love for her children. The monitor comes in the form of a small sock-like device that fits softly and comfortably to the baby’s foot and monitors oxygen levels and heart rate by means of a brand new form of pulse oximetry. The oxygen monitor was created by a team of engineers who worked on the product for over 3½ years, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to produce accurate readings. The oxygen monitor is intended for use on babies with an average normal oxygen level of 94% or greater.

The Baby Vida oxygen monitor connects wirelessly to your smart device through Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows you to monitor your baby at home or on the go. The Baby Vida oxygen monitor should be used any time your baby could go to sleep.

The oxygen monitor is made out of a hypoallergenic EVA which wraps around the baby’s foot. The sensors in the device measure oxygen levels and heart rate via technology called "pulse oximetry" (the same technology used in hospitals). It is safe, non-invasive, and comfortable.

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