ChildLife Multi Vitamin & Mineral 8oz


ChildLife Multi Vitamin and Mineral formula contains all sixteen “essential” vitamins plus the primary minerals.

These vitamins are termed “essential” by the National Academy of Sciences because they are required for many functions within the body and brain and our bodies cannot produce them on its own.

Further, children are not simply little adults. Their bodies and minds are undergoing construction as they develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Proper nutrition is critical for lifelong health.

Ideally, children would obtain all these nutrients through food, but this is no longer likely. Food is not as nutritious as it used to be. Modern farming methods have depleted our soils of the nutrients necessary to grow nourishing food. At the same time, environmental pollution has created an increased need for these essential nutrients; essential vitamins can help support the body in its natural ability to cleanse itself.

Supplementation can help provide the nutrients not obtained through the diet. ChildLife Multi Vitamin and Mineral can help your child get the essential nutrition they need.

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