Buttercup's First Blog Post (Feeding Products)

Welcome to our first blog post here on our newly remodeled website. We would love to give a bit more insight into who we are as a business. Buttercup has been in business since 2008 and over the years we have expanded on the products we carry, achieving our expectation to provide a store for the “Modern baby”. We specialize in baby gear, strollers, gliders, baby carriers, diaper bags, potty and bath, high chairs, books and car seats.

For today’s blog we are going to focus on our feeding section, which features brands such as; Re-Play, Lollaland, Pura, and WOW cup. All of which are BPA, BPS, PVC, and Phthalates free.

Re-play is a US based brand known for recycling its material. Re-Play uses curbside collected HDPE plastic. Using recycled material saves waste from the landfill and uses less energy. Additionally, Re-Play products can be recycled again as well.


Lollaland is yet another US based brand. This brand is well known for its Lollacup, which features a weighted straw that allows for constant flow no matter position of the cup; it was also featured on Shark Tank and has received numerous positive reviews.


Now, let’s talk a bit about Pura and their modernized bottle. Made with no plastic, they have evolved the baby bottle as we know it. The Pura bottle is made from stainless steel and has the ability to grow and evolve with the baby. With four additional spouts; nipple (for baby bottle), Sippy (for toddler), Straw (for kids), and sport top (for young adults).


Here is a brand with a design to blow you away. It’s called Wow cup and if its name is anything to go buy it’s worth a few verbal wows. Unique to the Wow cup is a 360 degree drinking edge that provides a non spill seal. No matter the tilt of the cup even if it’s upside down the seal allows for no liquid to pass through. How does it work? With the pressure that sucking makes, it lifts the lid in the section you are drinking just enough for you to take a sip. The moment your mouth parts from the cup the lid seals itself once more.


In case you read through the entire post first I want to suggest watching the videos posted with each section. They provide a bit more information on each product and brand for you.


Look out for more blog post from us. We will be focusing on other products in the store throughout. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know below.

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